Terms and Conditions


I am so happy that you are here and that we have the opportunity to work together.

Before you invest in yourself by working with me, there are a couple things that I want to highlight so that we stay on the same page.  :)

A few important notes on what I am and what I am not:

  • I am an Intuitive & Life Transformation Consultant.  I am also an Interfaith Minister, Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor – I will give you self help tools that will improve your life.  It is no way,shape or form is to replace any medical care or treatments that you are currently under.
  • I AM NOT a licensed therapist, physician or medical practitioner and do not intend to give any sort of medical advice.
  • If you are currently on any medication or are undergoing any treatment by a physician or therapist.  please consult them if you have any questions regarding your health.

A Few Important Notes on Mentoring programs:

Group Mentoring:

  • Tracy Gromen,  is active and participates in Group Mentoring Programs, Office Hours will be once per week on a designated thread.  Any feedback that you wish to get must be done so within the group.  If you have any technical questions, please contact tracy@tracygromen.net for questions.  All other questions should be posed within the Facebook Groups designated for that program.
  • You are responsible for finishing the Group Mentoring program(s), if you do not, you are only hindering your evolution and abundance.  Refunds will be given on a case by case basis.  There are no refunds for Introductory Offers.
  • Please, oh please, do not share your login information or course materials with anyone. One Mentor program purchase allows access for one person.

Private Mentoring and Single (Bundled) Healing Sessions:

  • Private Mentoring – 50% of Investment is due prior to the start of private mentoring.  The balance of investment is due at the half way portion of the program.  Refunds on any private mentoring program are given only if the program has not started less a 10% surcharge on the full amount of the program that you have chosen.
  • Single and Bundled Healing Sessions:  Payment in full is expected prior to your scheduled appointments.  (there are no payment plans for single or bundled sessions)
  • Cancellation of any appointment must be made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment.  Failing to do so will cause you to void your appointment/visit with no refund or rescheduling.  If you cancel without notice 2 consecutive times in a row, Tracy has the right to terminate the relationship without a refund.

A few notes on E-Courses:

All E-courses are on a DUE THE WORK refund policy.  You must prove that you have completed the program in total and got zero results before a refund will be considered.