My road to self mastery did not start out with personal development. It started out by getting rid of my and my son's asthma and allergies. Sure, I had mindset shift-those shifts allowed me to lose 70 pounds over 15 months and keep it off. But I still had allergies and asthma that would kick in and we’re hard to manage.

You never know how self mastery is going to weave into your life, it wove into mine the spring of 2011 when my immune system crashed. I was laid up in bed for about four days-so I had plenty of time to think, rethink, and re-think some more about my current situation and how the way I was living was no longer acceptable. My son and I were on 4 prescriptions each for asthma and allergies and our symptoms continue to be a managed. I decided right around then and there to make a massive shift in what we were using, how we were eating and how we were living.

And that's when I discovered essential oils.

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SOOOOOO, I decided to purchase food and items that only had ingredients that I knew for sure what they were. Which meant no brand name detergents, cleaning products or processed foods.

So when I️ went to use a brand name detergent after the six weeks, imagine my great surprise to find out that the strong fragrance sent me into an asthma attack. What?????? I️ started paying attention to everything and how it was making my body feel. And what I️ found was astonishing.

I started making my own cleaning products using essential oils and vinegar. I️ started using essential oils in my laundry. In the photo below I️ have put 5 drops of Thieves essential oil into my fragrance free Seventh Generation laundry detergent.

And that began my love affair using essential oils in all parts of my life. :)​

What else do I use essential oils for (to name a few):​

* to get rid of Colds and Flu​

* Adult Acne

* Calm down the Raynaud's on my toes

* Sleep and Relaxation - even my kids ask for Lavender oil on their pillows at night!

* Hot Flashes

* Clarity

* Diffuse Essential to freshen up the space so that it smells fresh

* Helps me move through my PTSD episodes​

* Cleaning Products​ - as seen in this photo below..... 5 drops of Thieves oil into the fragrance free laundry detergent (I use Seventh Generation) and Voila  - clean it is!!! And it smells awesome by the way!!!


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Tracy Gromen

Tracy is a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. She helps females (many times they are moms) find balance, happiness and fulfillment in their lives by helping them to re-prioritize their time and commitments. As they do, they start to discern what activities feed their soul and which do not, allowing them to heal patterns of needing to always give. As they heal these patterns, they embrace life with a renewed sense of calm within themselves and that feeling permeates every part of their life. Tracy is happily married to her high school sweetie, has three boys and gets to live life in a capacity that feeds her soul instead of draining it. And that is FREEDOM!