Are you ready to embark on an inner healing journey that will positively transform your life?

Do you want to empower yourself to take action in your life?​

Having a life that feels like a dream (but is MOST DEFINITELY NOT!) requires that YOU are in the driver's seat of your life.  You can create a life that you love, but to do it - you need to create a new set of rules - ones that are made by the part of you that is connected clearly to higher wisdom.  And you need to heal the old patterns that have been keeping you feeling stuck and blah.  

I totally get it.  I never realized that I was not living my dream life until this creeping feeling of utter discontent in life happened in 2011.  I was very sick - I had crashed my immune system by overworking and overcommitting.  I was the person that everyone could count on and my own health got back-burnered in order to keep everyone else happy.  See, I didn't really realize that I was giving my energy away in a way that was draining me - I thought that I was giving and helping out, but I was doing it in a way that was sacrificing myself, my well-being and my sanity.  Not to mention that those who the most important to me were getting my leftover energy laced with fatigue and impatience.

I was out of balance and the only way that my body knew how to make a shift was to shut down.​

All I knew how to do was look outside of myself for everyone's approval.  I was crushed at the idea of someone being disappointed in me. I did not trust myself or my inner knowing.  I knew how to people please and be the go-to girl that everyone could count on.

I ignored so many signs that said "STOP, THAT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU" or "JUST SAY NO!"  Truth be told, I did not have the confidence to say no and the thought of disappointing someone was beyond awful to me!​

In the dawn hours of Memorial Day weekend 2011, I lay in bed, totally sick and this wave of knowing comes over me - I am not in love with certain areas of my life.  And it was up to me to carve out those areas so that I could create a life that I DID love!​

When I did this, I started creating BOLD boundaries and a new guide to live my life with.

And guess what?  I got my health back - 100%.  ​And I created a life that I love (I now I get to teach that to others!)  Yippee! 

How did I do this?  By healing old patterns that were keeping me bound to overcommit. And learning tools that allowed me to shift energy within the moment so that I would remain calm (even if the shit was hitting the fan!)

It's time to bring balance, happiness and fulfillment into your life (you DESERVE it!)​

As you heal those old patterns, you strengthen yourself - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, which allows you to confidently create a new ruleset for your life.

A life that you LOVE!

* Improve your relationship with yourself and others.

* Take control of your health​.

* Find greater clarity and purpose in your life.

* Heal old patterns that are causing chaos in your life.​

* Raise your vitality and live with renewed passion​.

In this 6 months of Private Coaching, here is what we focus upon:

* Month 1 - Creating Confidence and setting boundaries in your life - healing the worrier within

* Month 2 - Overcoming Overcommitment and healing the people pleaser within

* Month 3 - Healing your Inner Child so that you can tap into your divine creator

* Month 4 - Healing Parental and Ancestral Lines - letting go of the judgments and expectations that your parents have put on you.

* Month 5 - Healing Grief within your life - endings, deaths, etc.

* Month 6 - Working with your Guides and Masters to continue to ignite expansion and growth within your life.

I would describe this program as a personal development course that helps dismantle things about your beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you and will help empower you to take action in changing your beliefs and behaviours so that create the life you love! This program made me feel empowered, connected, and cared for, respected and supported.
Tracy has a wonderful way of explaining everything in a way that resonated with me so much. I enjoyed her live chats and check ins. Tracy expressed so much support and care towards me, I felt her love and genuine interest in my growth. :)
Gabrielle Allison

Join me for my 6 month mentoring program that will help YOU Create a Life that you Love!​

This Program consists of:

** Practical weekly written exercises that will allow you to anchor new positive belief patterns within your life​

** Weekly Energy Healing sessions (recorded)

** Bonus Healing Meditations​

* 18 Weekly sessions that are customized to meet your needs

* 4 RoHun cards sessions to gain further understanding of and releasing of old patterns

* 2 in person retreats - RoHun Purification and Caged One Processes with biomat services

* Remote Access via Skype so that we can connect from a comfy place in your home!​

6 month Create a Life You LOVE Private 1:1 Coaching! If you are looking to walk a new path in your life, let's talk....