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I had the privilege of working with Tracy yesterday (12/7/17) in what she very appropriately called "a mining expedition" using RoHun cards. My novice explanation is that RoHun identifies energy blocks, both present and past, and Tracy expertly guides you through fully understanding the events that led to the belief / block, acknowledging it, and releasing it to heal. I am blown away by what came about and I cannot say enough about how Tracy blends extraordinary knowledge and expertise with compassion and support without any hint of judgement. I would highly recommend working with Tracy to anyone. It is absolutely amazing how events you may think are far in the past are affecting your energy today.

~ Heather Pauly

I had a Clarity Session with Tracy. She has amazing energy and a very strong connection. She opened my eyes and help me with my boundaries. I also reclaimed my own power which I forget sometimes. She has helped me restructure my belief system so that my family life and work life will balance together so we can handle transitions in our life.

~Adriana Benoit

I had a clarity session with Tracy. I felt a bit stuck with what direction to go in business. Tracy offered three very valuable services - resources (great books to read), tips to strengthen meditation practices, and gave strong guidance on ways to move forward through current tough situations. In some ways it confirmed what I was already sensing, but good to know she sensed it too. In other ways it opened my eyes to practices I can use and implement daily that lead to clarity and attracting positive experiences.

~ Jenn Andress

"Working with Tracy was eye opening in the best way! She really helped me with blocks I didn't even know I had, helped me to appreciate my own self-worth and to take a huge leap in business and life that was scary but necessary! Working with Tracy allowed me to up level in my business and life!!"

~ Allison Preiss, Join Allison here @

"Tracy Gromen is a highly skilled intuitive, healer, mentor and coach. Grounded in her practice, she receives precise insight to assist clients of all ages in moving forward in their lives. Tracy identifies what is most helpful for people, and is quite experienced in clearing anything that is in the way of their wellness. Her professional training blends beautifully with her innate sense of wisdom, allowing her to guide and facilitate miracles in everyday lives."

~Brighid MurphyIntuitive Counselor, Shamanic Healer

"Tracy is an amazingly in touch and informed Holistic Intuitive. Her practice includes (but is not limited to) Hypnotic Healing Regression, Mediumship and Entity/Energy removal. Tracy has also helped hundreds of people connect with their Higher Self in healing Journeys of self discovery. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone needing healing support."

~Gina SpriggsPresident & Founder

"I truly enjoyed working with Tracy and I am grateful to have experienced her loving, supportive and healing energy. She created a gentle and loving space for me to heal old wounds. Her Spirit Releasement Technique provided a gentle hypnotic process for the healing to take place. This process supported me to acknowledge and let go of limiting beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs.

To attempt to mentor, coach or counselor oneself is not the most effective way to experience transformation. I highly recommend Tracy. She is such a wonderful light on this spiritual journey called life. Her loving approach allowed me to choose for a peaceful state of being, feel good and create a life that matters."

Audrey J. Taylor
Miracle Minded Coach

"I’ve had the experience of benefiting from Tracy’s holistic treatments. I’ve used Tracy’s Reiki services as well as Angel Readings. I’ve witnessed first hand the delight of what manifesting can do in your life. Tracy brought out the light in me and my husband to transform a plunging business into a very successful and fruitful operation."

~Heidi M. Goodman, Owner of The Columbia Ballroom

Tracy Gromen

Tracy is a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. She helps females (many times they are moms) find balance, happiness and fulfillment in their lives by helping them to re-prioritize their time and commitments. As they do, they start to discern what activities feed their soul and which do not, allowing them to heal patterns of needing to always give. As they heal these patterns, they embrace life with a renewed sense of calm within themselves and that feeling permeates every part of their life. Tracy is happily married to her high school sweetie, has three boys and gets to live life in a capacity that feeds her soul instead of draining it. And that is FREEDOM!