Many times, we need a small tweek in our energy to make BIG shifts in our lives!

That is why I created The Academy of Inner Healing and Soul Sparkle - here you have access to a variety of self-paced ECourses that will allow you to tap into your inner wisdom, open up your intuition and ignite your inner healing journey! 

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Tracy Gromen

Tracy is a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. She helps females (many times they are moms) find balance, happiness and fulfillment in their lives by helping them to re-prioritize their time and commitments. As they do, they start to discern what activities feed their soul and which do not, allowing them to heal patterns of needing to always give. As they heal these patterns, they embrace life with a renewed sense of calm within themselves and that feeling permeates every part of their life. Tracy is happily married to her high school sweetie, has three boys and gets to live life in a capacity that feeds her soul instead of draining it. And that is FREEDOM!