Most women have that nagging feeling that they are meant for more in this life.

They have this unsettled feeling that they are not exactly where they are destined to be.  They are tired, anxious and frustrated - they are overextended by other commitments and it keeps them from being able to feel good in their daily life.  

On paper, everything looks good, but the quality of life that they are experiencing in not at a level that they want.  And that makes them feel anxious because in truth, they are doing the best that they can.  They are giving EVERYTHING of themselves and are doing all of "right" things, but are still feeling unfulfilled.  Which brings levels of self judgment and guilt because they should be feeling grateful for the life that they are living, but instead they are overwhelmed and frustrated - going through the motions every day wondering when someone will notice all of their efforts.   

Taking the steps necessary to create a positive shift in their life seems impossible because they are buried under the weight of commitment and what others are expecting of them.

They may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, stress, sluggishness since they know a change is calling, but they are ignoring it, which is slowly draining the life force energy out of them!​  But they don't know what to do to shift fearing the backlash that they will receive if they change the rules of the game of their life.

But then it just gets to be TOO MUCH - all of life, the anxiety starts to build and a breaking point is reached and THAT IS WHERE THE OPPORTUNITY TO UPLEVEL their life comes!

I know it all too well, it's my story.....

My Mission.....

To help females gain the courage to step into their desired life that will allow them the FREEDOM that they have been looking for through creating a life that is filled with balance, happiness and fulfillment!

To help female learn the art of saying NO, so that they can redirect their energy and focus on what matters to them the most!

To walk side by side with those women as they shed the limiting beliefs (overwhelm, stress, doubt, fear) that hold them back from being the best version of themselves and restoring their health to optimum levels.

 To help these women find balance in all areas of their life, allowing them to prioritize themselves and their life  - guilt-free, which brings balance, happiness & fulfillment in life on all levels!

My Story......

“I don’t want to live your dreams anymore, I want to go and live my own.” 

~ the statement that I made to my boss in 2012​ (after finally realizing that I had given all of myself to this job and neglected myself immensely)

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to help people be happy.  It has taken various forms and has shape shifted throughout my life.  Each time presenting a lesson that I have applied along the way.  

The beginning of my personal transformation started in 2009.  In 2009, my father passed away leaving me heartbroken.  From the grief and the fact that I was not processing the feelings at all (hello emotion stuffer!), my health significantly deteriorated to the point that my immune system crashed.  Feeling sluggish, stressed and overloaded led me to adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia symptoms.  In truth, as an avoidance to feeling any of the pain from the loss, I just did what I knew - I busied myself.  I worked out to ease the stress and when that didn't work, I exercised more.  I volunteered for EVERYTHING under the sun.  Anything that might give me some form of control over my life and make me feel like I was contributing to life in some way is what I did since my inner world was very much out of control.  I was going through the motions.  Even though I was alive, I wasn't living. 

And since I was giving ALL of my energy to everyone else during the day - my family got the leftovers.  And my leftover energy was cold and crappy.​ It wasn't fair to them - they are my favorite people and I was not giving them my best.

I couldn't explain the sudden (but not so sudden) discontent that I was having in my life because on paper - everything checked out.  Great marriage - check, Healthy kids - check, Financial abundance - check.  All of those needs were met, so why was I feeling so empty?

I felt used and unappreciated.  I felt resentful that I had ZERO me time.  The job that I was in, that I had once loved, had lost its luster and I was longing for a life that would feed my soul, a career that would work completely in conjunction with my family and would allow me to positively share and impact those who were on the path of living more fulfilled.  I wanted my health back.  I was sick and tired of feeling sick, tired and wired.  

In 2012, I just couldn't ignore the signs anymore - my health was suffering from the immune system crash and I was not happy (or in life) at my job, so I left.  

Quite honestly, at that point, I was lost.  I felt naked and vulnerable.  I was on a journey to reclaim my health, my worth, gain courage to leap and to carve out a career that would make my soul sing  - that would make my life sing......  I just did not know it then.​  I had my family by my side, but this journey was still a solo mission and they would not be able to provide me with the tools that I needed to connect me to that feeling of fulfillment.

I had decided that I wanted to live.​ But not by the old way, which meant massive self reflection and change.

I needed to gain courage to shift into a new realm of ME.  Questioning everything that I had created in my life up to that point allowed me to become very clear and honest around what was keeping me stuck (me...) and why.  I had to take a hard look at wasn't working and then decide if I really wanted to shift it and how I was going to go about doing that.

You see, I had the hardest time saying NO to anyone.  I had zero discernment around how to delegate my time that there was NO time left for myself.  AND if I did have any time for me - I would feel guilty about it thinking "I could be doing XYZ, I feel so selfish for taking care of me."

I would need to overhaul my thoughts and feelings bit by bit to realize that I did not need to be doing everything that I was doing.  And that it was perfectly good to take time for myself.

I started training at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in 2012.  It's funny how that all lined up - as soon as I gathered the courage to leave my job, a whole new world of connection opened up for me.  Delphi University became my home away from home, where I would study Metaphysics as well as RoHun Spiritual Psychotherapy.  Both life changing in way that has strengthened my resolve to live in a balanced and fulfilled way.

Once I was able to release and heal old beliefs systems of needing to be available for everyone else all of the time, a new way of living opened up.  I began trusting myself and being okay with making choices that aligned with me instead of putting everyone's needs first.  I was able to practice more discernment, which meant that I started really asking myself "Does this feel good to me?" and then listening to the answer.  This new way of living has been a gift - not only to me, but to my WHOLE FAMILY.  This new way of living would provide the solid foundation to build a new life blueprint where sustained balance, happiness & fulfillment would reign.  

By following this path and healing the need to please:

* I was no longer overwhelmed

* I was no longer suffering from depression, anxiety or adrenal fatigue

* I was 100% healthy again​

* I was fully present in my life - with myself, my hubby and my kids

* I feel good about taking time for myself (and have the time to do so!), guilt free and see what a HUGE benefit my happiness is for everyone around me!​  Because when I serve, it is from a place of joy, not resentment

I really feel like I have hit the jackpot in life!

I have spent the last five years rebuilding my health (100% healed!) and my courage from the inside out, along with a deep relationship with myself.  ​As I have shifted my energy, my mindset has shifted allowing healthier beliefs to come in.  The energy of confidence and trust in myself and my intuition has led me to have a healthier belief system.  With those healthier beliefs, I attract healthier experiences and people.  I have learned that my expectations and limiting beliefs were keeping me in loops where I would flounder, spin and give my energy away.  When I cleared away the old unhealthy patterns and replaced them with new healthier beliefs  - I healed.  Everything shifted for the better in all areas of my life.

Learning how to apply alternative energy techniques along with practical life strategies gave me the courage to create a life that I love - by MY design where I set the boundaries, create the rules, let go of what no longer works and invite goodness into every area of life.

I now take all of these strategies and teachings to help my clients fully embrace and step into the lead role of their life story.​  

My Promise to You......​

You are meant to embrace your inner wisdom and walk you own path, but no one said that you had to do it alone.  Yes, this IS a personal and spiritual journey and I am a teacher showing you HOW to walk your talk.  I will give you the roadmap and strategies that have worked for me and teach you how to apply them to your life.  This will allow you to shift with greater ease into a quality of life that aligns with your soul. ​ You will find the happiness, peace and fulfillment that you are looking for.  

My Credentials:

* Master's Metaphysician from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies

* RoHun Therapist​ from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies

* Licensed and Ordained Minister from The Church of Wisdom​

* Energy Practitioner:

         * EFT Level One Practitioner

         * Color and Sound Healing Therapist

         * Usui Reiki Level Two​

         * Certified Consulting Hypnotist - National Guild of Hypnotists

* Natural and Trained Intuitive, Medium and Energy Healer​

* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science/Biology/Geology​ Ashland University

* Life (recovering from chronic illness, moving through grief, healing from past abuse, etc.)​ - Walking the Walk. :)

Tracy Gromen

Tracy is a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. She helps females (many times they are moms) find balance, happiness and fulfillment in their lives by helping them to re-prioritize their time and commitments. As they do, they start to discern what activities feed their soul and which do not, allowing them to heal patterns of needing to always give. As they heal these patterns, they embrace life with a renewed sense of calm within themselves and that feeling permeates every part of their life. Tracy is happily married to her high school sweetie, has three boys and gets to live life in a capacity that feeds her soul instead of draining it. And that is FREEDOM!