Are you looking to FINALLY ease your stress and anxiety .....for good?

Are you ready to close the gap on what you have been currently experiencing in life and what you WANT to experience?

It's time for a new approach.  You want to FEEL a different way....

Less drama, more clarity. 

Less anxiety, more empowerment. 

Less stress, more peace.  So let's get to it!

Welcome to SoulHeartedly Happy! 

I am Tracy Gromen, Self Mastery Coach & Healer. 

I help women facilitate their inner healing and Self discovery journey!  These women move themselves from anxiety to empowerment - they get honest with themselves - with what is working in life and what is not.  Healing old patterns allows them to take control of their life and direct their energy in a way that creates POSITIVE, HEALTHY experiences in their life.

It's time to THRIVE in your life!

Let's talk about you!

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  • Ready to let go of anxiety and stress  - for good?
  • Ready to HEAL unhealthy patterns keeping you feeling stressed?
  • Ready to get honest with what is not working  - and let it go?
  • IT ALL STARTS WITH TAKING CONTROL OF AND DIRECTING YOUR ENERGY to activities and people that feed your soul instead of drain it! A new way of peaceful living is here for you NOW! (Click on the photo)

As you choose a stress-free you - you begin to re-prioritize your time and commitments and you open a whole new world of calm to you and your family. 

You begin to walk the path of your own inner healing and Self discovery journey - instead of to the expectations of everyone else's.

Giving your energy to everyone's demands and expectations are eroding your soul.   You may be suffering from severe fatigue and anxiety.  The weight of your TO-DO list leaves NO time for anything that you would like to do. As you get home at the end of the day, your family (those who the most important to you!) are getting the energetic leftovers. 

And you might even think to yourself - "Well, this is the JUST THE WAY THAT IT IS" . Once the kids are grown and out of the house, THEN I'll have time to devote to what I want.  But you might already see it happening - that time that you thought you would have as your kids get older is being taken up by other commitments that are still draining you - you are still left with no time for yourself. I know, your mom might have lived this way too - mine sure did.  It's an aged-old, societal belief that we, as women, must drain our energy bank in order to the BEST mom that there is, in order to be of service.  But it's dulling your soul.  And let's be honest, that IS NOT service.

The unsettled feeling that you deserve more.  You deserve to feel appreciated and supported.  You deserve to have that inner peace that you crave.  ​You deserve the best of what you have been giving to everyone else. It's time to step into heart-centered living.  Time for YOU to become the center of your world, by doing so: 






You are AWAKENING to a new way of being.  Of heart-centered living (the soulhearted way! WHOOP!!).  The frustration that you are feeling is a call from your soul that it is time for a change.  But how to go about that change is the blocking point.  Because you might not have a support group that would honor THIS kind of change. 

The thing is..... you know what areas of your life are working and which ones are not, but the expectations that you have on yourself and that others have on you is too great.  You want the freedom to have it all:  healthy family, healthy relationships, healthy career, healthy YOU- all done your way!  And you CAN have it all!

It's time to CHOOSE YOU - to embark on your inner healing and Self discovery journey.  To re-prioritize your time - for yourself, for your family, for your SANITY!  :) . As you do, you CREATE the space to give your energy to what calls to your soul and allow yourself the ability to say NO without the feeling of guilt weighing on you to those activities that no longer align with your soul.

Are you ready to embrace a new approach?

Heart-Centered Living.​ Soul-Hearted Living.

THAT is where you will find your personal FREEDOM.

Freedom is Empowerment!

 Heal old patterns that have kept you bound in anxiety and take the next step to find your balance, happiness and fulfillment!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life that you have imagined.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

See what some of my clients have to say:

""Working with Tracy was eye opening in the best way! She really helped me with blocks I didn't even know I had, helped me to appreciate my own self-worth and to take a huge leap in business and life that was scary but necessary! Working with Tracy allowed me to up level in my business and life!!"

 ~ Allison Preiss, Join Allison here @

Another great result!

"To attempt to mentor, coach or counselor oneself is not the most effective way to experience transformation. I highly recommend Tracy. She is such a wonderful light on this spiritual journey called life. Her loving approach allowed me to choose for a peaceful state of being, feel good and create a life that matters."."

Audrey J. Taylor, Miracle Minded Coach

Creating a life by design!

"Tracy Gromen is a highly skilled intuitive, healer, mentor and coach. Grounded in her practice, she receives precise insight to assist clients of all ages in moving forward in their lives. Tracy identifies what is most helpful for people, and is quite experienced in clearing anything that is in the way of their wellness. Her professional training blends beautifully with her innate sense of wisdom, allowing her to guide and facilitate miracles in everyday lives."
Brighid Murphy, Intuitive Counselor, Shamanic Healer

I’ve helped countless women move from the energy of overwhelm and overcommitting to the energy of fulfillment and happiness.

I help them move through any underlying energy that is keeping them in a state of fatigue and anxiety.  You know what you want.  The question is...... 

Are you ready to to step into your FREEDOM?

  Your Brilliant Self is nudging you to embrace it.